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Goto, T., Ichimura, K., Oka, R., Kawamura, Y. & Kusumi, T. (in press) Trait-related concepts activate stereotypically consistent concepts on the same stereotype dimension, but may not spread to the other stereotype dimension. Japanese Psychological Research, 61. (Special issue: Implicit cognition)[Link]

古見文一・小山内秀和・樋口洋子・津田裕之(編) はじめての心理学概論―公認心理師への第一歩. ナカニシヤ出版.[Amazonの紹介ページ]

Kano, K., Kudo, M., Yoshizawa, G., Mizumachi, E., Suga, M., Akiya, N., Ebina, K., Goto, T., Itoh, M., Joh, A., Maenami, H., Minamoto, T., Mori, M., Morimura, Y., Motoki, T., Nakayama, A., & Takanashi, K. (in press) How Science, Technology and Innovation can be placed in broader visions? Public Opinions from inclusive public engagement activities. Journal of Science Communication.




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